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- About us -

Kieran Hall (@theoutlawbarberr)

From Southampton (UK) one of the most travelled barbers in the area, Kieran has cut hair in Brighton (UK), Amsterdam (Holland), Birkakara (Malta), Ancona (Italy), Los Amigos (Tenerife), Cologne (Germany) all to gain the full set of skills required to be able to provide a high end service and finish to his clients.

Attention to detail and the perfect cut is usual service.


Claire (@pharoahbarber)

From Southampton UK, A senior barber with 20 years experience in all aspects of clipper and scissor work, including hot towel wet shaves and beard trims. Her passion for barbering is in customer satisfaction, taking the time to listen to what the client wants and to give a professional, high quality finish to your service. Always learning, even after her many years of experience and keeps an eye on the upcoming trends and styles. Quality and professionalism is always the key !! Claire loves the interaction of conversation with all client from kids to granddads. She sees our kids as the future and has the patience and understanding to make them feel comfortable within the barbershop environment. 🔥🔥💈💈👌👌

Stephane (@whitebeardbarber)

Stephane has always worked in the creative industry (broadcast, teaching, photography). Having decided to become a barber means going back to the roots of creativity without computers and digital interventions. Stephane sees every cut as an opportunity to make customers look and feel great. Barbering is not just his job, it has become his passion. Advice you can trust, attention to detail, and he has a really cool beard! Stephane is in the BW Shop on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays

Rich Berry (@buckwildgrooming)

From Hamilton, Bermuda and the alchemist behind the Outlaw's Product range Rich has the clients best interests at heart. An outstanding young talent in the barbering world 

Daniel Tiley (@danhair_outlaws)

Outlaw's Barbershop, Bishop's Waltham

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